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Punch Clock Optimizer


Punch Clock is proud to add to its software library the Punch Clock Optimizer.  This software application is designed to be a valuable add-on for the successful Punch Clock product.  What does it do?  How does it work?  Why would you use it?  Read more to find out.


All of Punch Clock's data is stored in a database.  The database consists of all sorts of information.  Employee information, punch in/out records, system configurations, and more.  All of these items are added into the database on a first-come, first-serve basis.  So looking at a database file in raw format, it would be a spaghetti mound of information.  Employee information, then system settings, then some punch records, followed by more employee information.  This doesnt seem very efficient, which is why we use something called "indexes" to find the information faster.  Think of an index just like the index at the back of a book.  When you ask the database for information, it checks it's indexes, and retrieves the information you want.


With me so far?  I hope so.  If not, I'll sum it up.  Database holds data. Data is put into database on a first-come basis, leaving a spaghetti like result.  Databases use indexes to search this data quickly.


Why Punch Clock Optimizer?  Punch Clock Optimizer is designed to take a Punch Clock database file and re-organize it.  It moves all of the data together, and re-indexes it.  The end result?  Smaller database files (yes, it reduces the size of your database dramatically), faster data access (because the data is re-organized and re-indexed, it can be read faster), and if your database has become corrupted, Punch Clock Optimizer will repair it (while optimizing it).


Sounds great!!  How do I use it?


See the "Using Punch Clock Optimizer" section of our tutorial.  Here's a link to it right here!


Download Punch Clock


The Punch Clock Optimizer is provided FREE OF CHARGE for our loyal Punch Clock Customers.  Enjoy!

Version - 4.1.0 - Released 6/26/2013

Newest updates include:

  • Quickbooks Integration
  • - Export timesheet reports directly to Quickbooks
  • Added new security options for adding timesheets
  • New internal structure for database handling
  • Misc. Tweaks and changes
NOTE - If you are a current owner of punch clock and want to upgrade to this new version, please know that it is not a free update. This is a significant upgrade to our code base and requires a new license fee. If you wish to upgrade your old version of Punch Clock to this new one, you will need to purchase a new licence at full cost. This is not a free upgrade.

Free Download of Punch Clock
You can download a fully functional version of Punch Clock to evaluate free of charge.  When you are done testing, you can upgrade to a licensed version without losing your data.  There is NO OBLIGATION for using the FREE EVALUATION of Punch Clock.