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Punch Clock Time Sentry

Punch Clock Time SentryTime Sentry


Time Sentry Mark II is Punch Clock's newest addition to it's line-up of Value-Add utilities for Punch Clock.  Whether you have a small or large Punch Clock installation, Time Sentry Mark II can be considered a valuable addition to your configuration.


Punch Clock, at it's core, is a Time-Keeping system for your business.  When people punch in or out, the current time and date are stored in the database and later used when calculating payroll reports.  With the default installation of Punch Clock, the time and date is taken from the local workstation (meaning whatever computer the person is punching in/out from).  In most conditions, this leaves the system vulnerable to employees who decide to change the system time in order so they can "falsify" the information in the Punch Clock database.


Beginning in Punch Clock v3.0.40, Time Sentry was incorporated into the software.  This first version of Time Sentry was designed soley to keep employees from rolling back the clock (changing the time to an earlier time to hide the fact that they were late for work).  While Time Sentry met the conditions our customers were concerned about, it was not a perfect solution.  It required that certain "Sentry" PCs were left online all the time, to ensure a current timestamp was kept in the Punch Clock database, keeping users from Punching in to a time that had already passed.  It also only accounted for time rollbacks.  If an employee rolled the time forward (to punch out on time, but leave early), Time Sentry could not catch the condition.  Based on the way it was designed, Time Sentry just couldnt be modified to fix both conditions.


Time Sentry Mark II is a complete redesign of the Time Sentry concept.  This new release no longer requires Punch Clock running on one or more workstations to babysit the Punch times.  Instead, Time Sentry Mark II is a new application.  A trimmed down "Punch Clock Time Server", if you will.  Optimized for size and speed, the Time Sentry Mark II application is installed on a trusted machine, be it a workstation or a network server.  Then Punch Clock is configured to use the Time Sentry server for all date/time lookups for Punch In/Out transactions.  Since all dates and times now come from one trusted machine, this brings with it a number of benefits:

  • Since time and date comes from one machine, the Time records are more precise than ever before
  • If the employee rolls back the time on their machine, it doesnt affect Punch Clock
  • If the employee rolls forward the time, it also doesnt affect Punch Clock
  • As a matter of fact, since the date and time are no longer pulled from the local system, all attempts at changing time and/or date to falsify Punch Clock timesheets will fail
We're quite happy to offer this new program to our customers, who are using Punch Clock versions 3.0.50 and higher.


To see more about it, see the "Using Punch Clock Time Sentry" section of our tutorial.  Here's a link to it right here!


Download Punch Clock


The Punch Clock Time Sentry Mark II is provided FREE OF CHARGE for our loyal Punch Clock Customers.  Enjoy!

Version - 4.1.0 - Released 6/26/2013

Newest updates include:

  • Quickbooks Integration
  • - Export timesheet reports directly to Quickbooks
  • Added new security options for adding timesheets
  • New internal structure for database handling
  • Misc. Tweaks and changes
NOTE - If you are a current owner of punch clock and want to upgrade to this new version, please know that it is not a free update. This is a significant upgrade to our code base and requires a new license fee. If you wish to upgrade your old version of Punch Clock to this new one, you will need to purchase a new licence at full cost. This is not a free upgrade.

Free Download of Punch Clock
You can download a fully functional version of Punch Clock to evaluate free of charge.  When you are done testing, you can upgrade to a licensed version without losing your data.  There is NO OBLIGATION for using the FREE EVALUATION of Punch Clock.