A robust solution to replace that noisy time clock. Try it for FREE. Runs on Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/8

Punch Clock Features

Here is a list of some of the features Punch Clock has to offer

  • Automatically installs into Windows.
  • Allows any PC to become a check In/Out terminal.
  • Exclusive TimeSentry stops employees from changing system time and falsifying timesheets.
  • Can be run on multiple stations simultaneously on a LAN. (When using the network version)
  • Multi-layer security to protect confidential information.
  • Word processing features to track employee performance, vacation time, and other miscellaneous information.
  • Logs vacation and sick time.
  • Allows employees to review their time sheets for a time period.
  • Wide variety of reporting functions for all aspects of the application. All reports can be sent to the printer or viewed on the screen.
  • Automatically adds up all hours worked during a determined pay period.
  • Allows employees to be assigned an Employee Number.
  • Allows employees to punch into a specific job and log hours worked on that job.
  • Informs the employee that he/she has already punched in and allows them to exit.
  • Allows additions and modifications of employee profiles.
  • Logs attendance and reasons for not being at work.
  • Provides an employees attendance record/report.
  • Allows employer to add a time sheet for holidays or extra pay days.
  • Allows you to create job tables.
  • Allows you to create attendance codes.
  • Provides for an end of year routine that allows the employer to back-up and clear all reports; To start the new year with empty data files retaining all pertinent data for the up coming year

The program pays for itself time and time again and will work for any business:

  • Employer is now able to track and account for all employee hours worked without having to buy an expensive electric time clock or the accompanying rack and cards.
  • Employer no longer has to pay an employee to add up the hours on the old fashioned time card.
  • All time entries are in A.M./P.M. mode with total hours for each day totaled for your review. No more 24 hour time clock calculations.
  • Feature that allows Military Time to be used on reports.
  • Employer no longer has to store two years of previous time cards as the hard drive can access any date required by the employer or the government. End of thumbing through employee cards to find a particular pay or time period.

Click Here to see new functionality added in version 4.0 of our product.
Version - 4.1.0 - Released 6/26/2013

Newest updates include:

  • Quickbooks Integration
  • - Export timesheet reports directly to Quickbooks
  • Added new security options for adding timesheets
  • New internal structure for database handling
  • Misc. Tweaks and changes
NOTE - If you are a current owner of punch clock and want to upgrade to this new version, please know that it is not a free update. This is a significant upgrade to our code base and requires a new license fee. If you wish to upgrade your old version of Punch Clock to this new one, you will need to purchase a new licence at full cost. This is not a free upgrade.

Free Download of Punch Clock
You can download a fully functional version of Punch Clock to evaluate free of charge.  When you are done testing, you can upgrade to a licensed version without losing your data.  There is NO OBLIGATION for using the FREE EVALUATION of Punch Clock.